Why I didn't give anyone a present this Christmas...

This year Christmas has been extremely underwhelming. Maybe it is a mixture of the fact that I am the youngest in my family and I am almost 18, that my family has never really been festive, or I work at Kmart which is EXTREMELY busy this time of year and I am turned off. All this has caused me to not care at all about Christmas, and it's gift giving that comes along with it. I have not bought a single present for anyone (I am not counting the book I have ordered for my sister as it is a thank you gift for her giving me her old phone). 

People go literally crazy during Christmas time trying to get presents for people, materialistic items even though it has monetary value, will only make your temporarily happy. When I was younger I would get presents from my parents, although exciting to reveal and play with at the time, I can't even remember some of the toys I got and I didn't care for them after a month or two. 

As I have gotten older (and I have seen people become very annoyed and even aggressive when needing presents for people), I find the practice of gift giving un-fulfilling. The thing I was most excited for Christmas was spending the day with all my family doing what we do - eat food and talk. I will remember and care for those moments rather than a present. 

With saying that, most people in this world (depending your socio-economic status) can fortunately purchase goods whenever you want and as much as you like throughout the year. There is no need to excessively spend money on material items because society tells you that on the 25th of december you have to. 

Below is Youtuber Mimi sharing very similar thoughts to mine. 

Do not take this post as me believing gift giving is shit (it isnt), just the stigma that Christmas is purely a gift giving holiday. It is a holiday to spend time with the people you love and creating memories. Don't take this as me thinking I am above purchasing materialistic items and I don't feel happy when I have them. I feel satisfaction when I purchase new clothes, or shoes, bags or makeup. I indulge in some shoe shopping every once in awhile. I believe I feel negatively towards Christmas due to the fact people lose their shit at Christmas and stress over things that don't really matter in the end and I feel it is not worth it. 

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