REVIEW: Australis - Bright Eyes Under eye Concealer in Banana

Since changing my lifestyle to Cruelty-Free I am yet to find an affordable and amazing concealer, especially for my under eyes. When Australis released this pen I was so stoked as I have always loved the idea of a concealer pen rather than other applicators you see.

CRUELTY-FREE 101: Introduction (What is Cruelty-Free? Parent Companies)

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So, since my blog obeys the law of cruelty-free and everything I mention in my posts are as close to cruelty-free as possible I might as well make some posts on what cruelty-free is, right? 


I haven't made an empties post in a little while and my bag is so full, it is long overdue. 

NEWS: Estee Lauder acquires Too Faced

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Too Faced posted on their instagram of their "special message" telling their 7.3 million followers that they're now a part of the Estee Lauder family. Estee Lauder is known for animal testing and for cruelty-free buyers, this can either be not a big deal or the worst thing to happen all month (or all year), in the cruelty-free community. 

SUMMER: Sunless Tanning*

Summer is around the corner here in Australia, even if you live in Melbourne like me and you feel it will never get warm. Tanning is always a big part of Summer and getting that look whether it be at the beach or just to get into the summer spirit. With sun tanning is comes with some serious risks such as getting melanomas, speeding up the process of aging skin etc. It's pretty much a no brainer that sunless tanning is the way to go to get a bronzed look.

Colourpop Haul

Colour Pop had an amazing offer going on for a short period of time (maybe a week? correct me if I am wrong) and it was free international shipping over $50! I have always wanted to get Colourpop as they are so affordable and great quality but the shipping rates really deterred me. When I saw this offer I decided that I might not have this opportunity for god knows how long, so, I should just get some items I have been looking at.

I felt I would use lip products more than eye products so I bought 5 lips, 3 eyes, 1 highlighter & 1 brows.

REVIEW: Le Tan - Hydrating Coconut Water Self Tanning Foam

I am not a regular, religious fake tanner. I do it from time to time, in the winter and in the summer when there's an event or just if I want to. The first and only tan I have ever used is the Bondi Sands Light to Medium Foam (which you can find a review I did right here). Bondi Sands retails for $19.99 and it is very affordable and great quality. I am almost out of it so I decided to try out this new range from Le Tan.

Le Tan is a famous tanning brand in Australia which probably every girl knows about or has even used it. I always had a kind of negative connotation to it for some reason and I assumed it was too orange (despite Lauren Curtis' super old fave tan video saying it was great). But when I saw this new tan they released, along with another two types of tan, I had to get in on it (cannot say no to that cute as packaging). 

Priceline and Woolworths have both had sales on their new ranges when they first came out so I went to Priceline and got this for $9.99 (gotta get them priceline points too). 

NOW: For the actual review. When I put it on the mitt it had a very similar colour to Bondi Sands, just a tad darker and a tint of green. Applying it on my skin was so smooth and easy to apply compare to Bondi Sands were sometimes I feel like I have to work it in. It dries within a few minutes and has no sticky feeling afterwards, and also I feel hydrated after applying. 

I left it on for 2 hours before washing it off in the shower and it gave me a nice tan. If you look at Bondi Sands you have to keep it on for hours (6+) to achieve a decent tan. 

Next Day with Tan
Next Day with Tan
  • Easy to Apply
  • Smells good as
  • Clean, sleek and functional packaging
  • 1 layer is light-medium
  • Dries Quick
  • Green Based
  • Develops quickly (can shower after 1 hour and continues to develop for 4-6 hours after) 
  • Available at multiple stores (Woolworths, Priceline, Kmart etc)
  • Only Available in Australia and New Zealand

WOULD REPURCHASE? Totally! It is so good at giving me nice tan, smells good, hydrating on the skin and its affordable as. For a medium dark tan I recommend leaving the tan on longer than 2 hours, maybe 6 or even overnight. If you want a dark, dark tan it is probably best to look into Le Tan or Bondi Sands ultra dark.

But I love the colour it achieved in a short time (2 hours) as it takes 8 hours to achieve this colour with Bondi. 

My New Room Inspiration - Shopping List

I have finally moved into my new room! I got a double bed, everything is slowly coming together but.. My room looks like a serious mess right now. I haven't put up any hooks on the walls so all my bags are everywhere, I have lost a bunch of storage now that I don't have a bookshelf anymore. So, I seriously need to organise my room. I have made a excel sheet with products I need to pick up, why I need it, how much, where from etc. It is pretty helpful and I have gotten a few things already.

MUSIC: Girls Night Out Playlist

I was inspired by Airtime to make a playlist of songs I like to get ready to for a Girls Night Out and I thought it was a pretty interesting and good idea. Music really puts you in the mood to go out and get excited for the night ahead. 


I think I should stop apologising for my lack of posts because I am so on and off with my blogging this year it is ridiculous. At least I am super on with my TV show watching so I hope you enjoy another one of these posts.

My New Room Inspiration - Part Two: What bedside table?

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Hello all, here's my part two of however many parts for my new room inspo series. My dad has painted my room and ripped out the old carpet and so far is looks great, but, I can't live in there yet. Or, I can't be bothered. 

Dollar Shave Club no longer Cruelty-Free??

REVIEW: Reject Shop - Magic Makeup Up Remover

For a while this product was circulating on facebook as it is the cheaper (heaps cheaper*) alternative to the famous, Makeup Eraser. I looked in Reject Shop quite a few times trying to find it and never found it. But once I stopped looking.. I found it. And I had to get it and make a review. 

My New Room Inspiration - Part One

After living in the same room for 18 years of my life, I can finally move out of it. My brother moved into his house so we have a spare room now a.k.a my new room. Its slightly bigger than my room, and I can fit a double bed comfortably in it. I thought it would be interesting to document what I am planning on doing, and then what I am actually doing. 

I will make a few posts of these so hopefully you like it.

REVIEW: Vanity Planet - Spin for Perfect Skin Brush

Vanity Planet - Spin for Perfect Skin 
If you have followed my blog for a long time, I did a review once I got my hands on the Models Prefer Skin Cleansing Brush. I have used the shit out of the brushes and it has treated me very well, unfortunately I am unable to purchase replacement brushes. As my current one has been through a lot, it is not as good as it use to and obviously, is not as hygienic as it once was. So after being exposed to this product in every second Youtube Video I decided to just take the plunge and get it!


Back at it with another Kmart Wants! I shouldn't even have to explain my love for Kmart and wanting new stuff all the time (if you don't know already, I work there). I love making these posts because its a realisation for me about how much stuff I want and if I should get them? If anyone publishes a post like this, please link it below in the comments because I want to see what everyone else has been loving. 

REVIEW: Australis - Stayput! Longwear Foundation

I have been using my E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation for the past year and it seriously rocks. I own it in two colours (one for normal days, one for fake tan in which I mix it with my normal foundation). But I wanted to try another foundation that is vegan so I picked up this Australis one when there was 50% off all cosmetics on their online store one day. 

REVIEW: Madam Glam Gel Polishes*

Back at it again with some Madam Glam Gel Polishes to try out and review. I was reached out again by the company to review some more products of my choice, so of course I said yes considering how much I loved the kit they sent me last time. I picked 4 gel polish colours and I am going to review the products on my experience with applying, true to colour compare to what is seen on the website, how many coats for opaqueness etc. 

I hope you enjoy, and I also have a coupon code for 30% off your order using AdrieC30


REVIEW: Ebay Beauty Blender

Ebay Beauty Blender
I've always been super curious about Beauty Blenders but the price of them was a bit too much for my bank account. Sorry, I can't justify spending 27 dollars on a sponge to apply makeup to my face. When I found this one from eBay for less than $5 I decided to buy it. It even came in the plastic packaging and all.

REVIEW: Lush - Skin Drink Moisturiser

Lush is mostly known for their bath bombs, shower gels and their face washes. Their facial moisturisers are kind of ignored as some of them are quiet expensive.  I got this one as a birthday present last year and it actually rocks.

Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Haul

If you are Australian you would know last week Priceline had a 40% off Cosmetics Sale on Wednesday and Thursday. I really wanted to get some things this time so I pre-made my basket online and waited until 12am on Wednesday to process it and I got all the things I wanted (or could afford to get)! 


Finally I am back with a beauty related post after so long of just random, and somewhat lifestyle posts. I decided it was time to empty out the empties bag in my drawer and show you all what I am throwing out because I have either finished the product all up, or I didn't finish it for whatever reason (will be mentioned why of course). I really hope you enjoy these posts because I am already collecting products for #6.


As Promised I have made yet another TV shows I Recommend, and yes; it's DC Edition, again. Got two older, yet classic animated shows, and also the most latest addition to the DC TV Shows as of this year. So please enjoy the quick read, and if you watch or are going to watch these shows let me know! 


Coming at you with another eBay Finds... I literally buy so much little things from Ebay so I hope you like these, as there will be more to come. Here is a mix of beauty, and fashion/jewellery in this post, so I hope you enjoy. 


LIFE: Feeling Uninspired

REVIEW: Cheap Brush Guards

I decided to up my makeup brush cleaning game and bought these as I was browsing eBay. These are meant to keep your brushes in shape as they dry.


The best way to know how much you are spending and how much income you are getting in is writing it all down in order to ensure your managing your finances everyday efficiently.


I am literally on a roll with publishing these types of posts. It is probably due to the fact I go through TV series so quickly. This one is pretty mixed - two shows are mostly targeted at females, are comedies and one of them being kind of horror mixed with comedy... And the other show is gender neutral, serious and action adventure. 

Expect more of these types of posts from me, because well... I have probably already finished two TV series by the time this is published (Teen Titans I finished in a few days..)


meal prep planner printable
Now being a new year, and now that this year I will be jumping into a new school routine at a new school, and I am trying to be healthier, I guess the best thing to do is to organise and pre make my meals for the day so it saves a lot of time and reduces my stress. 


If you read my blog and look at my hauls you will notice I am a massive bargain hunter. I cannot remember the last time I purchased clothing and shoes full price. I feel I need to save money and also I feel I can get good clothes that I like at a good price sooner or later. I don't feel the urgency to have a product right now as soon as it comes out because most of the time, it is discounted in a few weeks/months. I spend $50 on a order of clothes which has 7-10 items in it, while sometimes the items in my cart were originally $50 for one item. So for now, don't expect me to purchase full price items unless its something I literally can't spend one more day without or I feel its worth the full price. 

Anyway /rantover. I am a money saver, gotta get those deals. Here you go and see what I purchased during what I feel is the best time of the year.. Post-Christmas.

REVIEW: FitBit Charge HR

fit bit charge HR review

After my sister continuously persuaded me to buy a FitBit so we can verse each other I gave in when Good Guys had them discounted. Knowing my heart rate and how many steps I do in a day is very motivating and assists me with how I can improve. I will admit, due to Year 12 and working I have not actually worked out. But with that, I wear this when I work and the step count goes up and is also a watch so its very helpful.

2015: My Favourite Youtubers

Putting together this post I realised all of my favourite youtubers are Australian. For some reason I feel more personable watching people who live in the same Country as me. They relate to the weather, the culture, the makeup prices etc. I was going to write a paragraph per Youtuber but as my list grew, I decided it was going to be really long. The keys I use dictate what I like watching from these youtubers.

Did I keep up to my 2015 New Year Resolutions? & My 2016 New Year Resolutions

What the New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Entails

Any excuse to have pretty NZ scenery...
I don't know about you but I felt when this amendment was announced (in June!) I was super stoked thinking that NZ completely banned all aspects of Animal Testing in their country. I didn't read into it as I just believed it was completely covered, and plus, it would not affect any makeup brands I know of as not much is produced in NZ. But I decided to look into it slightly and see what the amendment really changed... Six Months Later...

2015: My Top Music Releases

I will admit, last year my music obsession went extremely down compare to other years. Year 12 has really restricted me and I only went to a few shows in 2015. Citizen, TSSF, Drake.. and that's all I really remember right now. Anyway, here are some select few albums I loved throughout 2015 and attached is the song from each release I like the most.