If you read my blog and look at my hauls you will notice I am a massive bargain hunter. I cannot remember the last time I purchased clothing and shoes full price. I feel I need to save money and also I feel I can get good clothes that I like at a good price sooner or later. I don't feel the urgency to have a product right now as soon as it comes out because most of the time, it is discounted in a few weeks/months. I spend $50 on a order of clothes which has 7-10 items in it, while sometimes the items in my cart were originally $50 for one item. So for now, don't expect me to purchase full price items unless its something I literally can't spend one more day without or I feel its worth the full price. 

Anyway /rantover. I am a money saver, gotta get those deals. Here you go and see what I purchased during what I feel is the best time of the year.. Post-Christmas.

REVIEW: FitBit Charge HR

fit bit charge HR review

After my sister continuously persuaded me to buy a FitBit so we can verse each other I gave in when Good Guys had them discounted. Knowing my heart rate and how many steps I do in a day is very motivating and assists me with how I can improve. I will admit, due to Year 12 and working I have not actually worked out. But with that, I wear this when I work and the step count goes up and is also a watch so its very helpful.

2015: My Favourite Youtubers

Putting together this post I realised all of my favourite youtubers are Australian. For some reason I feel more personable watching people who live in the same Country as me. They relate to the weather, the culture, the makeup prices etc. I was going to write a paragraph per Youtuber but as my list grew, I decided it was going to be really long. The keys I use dictate what I like watching from these youtubers.

Did I keep up to my 2015 New Year Resolutions? & My 2016 New Year Resolutions

What the New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Entails

Any excuse to have pretty NZ scenery...
I don't know about you but I felt when this amendment was announced (in June!) I was super stoked thinking that NZ completely banned all aspects of Animal Testing in their country. I didn't read into it as I just believed it was completely covered, and plus, it would not affect any makeup brands I know of as not much is produced in NZ. But I decided to look into it slightly and see what the amendment really changed... Six Months Later...

2015: My Top Music Releases

I will admit, last year my music obsession went extremely down compare to other years. Year 12 has really restricted me and I only went to a few shows in 2015. Citizen, TSSF, Drake.. and that's all I really remember right now. Anyway, here are some select few albums I loved throughout 2015 and attached is the song from each release I like the most.