2015: My Top Music Releases

I will admit, last year my music obsession went extremely down compare to other years. Year 12 has really restricted me and I only went to a few shows in 2015. Citizen, TSSF, Drake.. and that's all I really remember right now. Anyway, here are some select few albums I loved throughout 2015 and attached is the song from each release I like the most. 

Turnover - Peripheral Vision

Turnover is the type of band that everything they release I enjoy. This album released last year just reminds me of Spring and Summer and all the tracks are so good. You don't even need to be a fan of their genre to get into their music.

Justin Bieber - Purpose

I was a massive JB fan when I was 11 and I slowly lost interest in him as he released more songs which I weren't really keen on and I also moved into other music tastes. But like everyone in the world, even people who have never originally liked him, love him now and his new album. Sorry and What Do You Mean? are definitely favourites but really his whole album Purpose is great.

The Story So Far - The Story So Far 

Almost forgot to include this album into my top releases for 2015. I have no idea how I forgot since I literally listened to this album for months before and after seeing them live in September. This bad has not ever brought out a shit track ever, I am literally obsessed with every song on this album.

Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Drake released this mixtape a couple of weeks before he toured Australia so all these songs were on repeat before and after his show and I prefer the songs on this compare to his most recent release, What a Time to be Alive with Future.

Obviously stated in the title, this is *my* top music releases of 2015. 
What were your favourite releases for the year music wise?