Did I keep up to my 2015 New Year Resolutions? & My 2016 New Year Resolutions


1. Work Out
Did I keep this? Kind of.
I did not work out at all during the year due to school and only joined the gym a month ago! But I really feel good now that I am working out and taking care of my body, so I could say I kind of kept this resolution - barely.

2. Figure out regular posting Days 
Did I keep this? Yes
I have been scheduling my posts for every wednesday as it was polled that people wanted it that day.

3. Go out more with my Camera and start doing OOTD
Did I keep this? Hell no
I didn't even attempt to do this! Besides the fact I barely had time to go out casually and do some photos, I wasn't even keen or interested in doing this. I won't make it a goal for this year but I will keep it in mind and hope I do it. 


1. Work Out at least 3 times a week
I hope with my busy schedule I am able to go to the gym a few times a week, even if its twice a week then one day at home. I would like to do classes like boxing and Pilates at least once a week also. Aiming to lose 5 kgs and be more toned would be sick too.

2. Start Making Youtube Videos

Something I have been wanting to do for literally, years. Besides my enjoyment for editing and my obsession for watching youtubers in the lifestyle, fitness, beauty, fashion and music, I would really enjoy making my own content and connecting with like-minded people. Will I do it? Who knows. I've been telling myself for the past few years I will wait until I finish High School and here I am, finished with that. Maybe when my brother moves out and I get his room as he has really good natural lighting compare to me. Lets hope I atleast do one YT video this year...

3. Go to shows more and venture into music more
All the shows I wish I could go to, I can't. Whether it be work, family, sickness or I can't be bothered, I only go to select few shows during  the year and it's pretty slack. I need to try a bit harder and make an effort to go haha.

Also I want to listen to other genres and bands I usually shy away from. 

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