What the New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Entails

Any excuse to have pretty NZ scenery...
I don't know about you but I felt when this amendment was announced (in June!) I was super stoked thinking that NZ completely banned all aspects of Animal Testing in their country. I didn't read into it as I just believed it was completely covered, and plus, it would not affect any makeup brands I know of as not much is produced in NZ. But I decided to look into it slightly and see what the amendment really changed... Six Months Later...

In March 2015, New Zealand released that they were putting a stop to Animal Testing in their country after Parliament passed the amendment to the Animal Welfare Act 1999. This means that all finished cosmetic products and ingredients with the purpose of being used for cosmetics, will not be tested on animals in NZ.

This does not cover that cosmetics that is produced in other countries and imported into New Zealand are Cruelty-Free. Just that New Zealand laboratories cannot test finished cosmetics and ingredients on animals, but yes, that leaves some gap that allows labs to test products during its production. New Zealand is still allowed to test on animals for the sake of medicine. This was originally included into the amendment but was removed which left cosmetics all alone. 

90% of cosmetics sold in New Zealand are made overseas, leaving a small amount of companies to be somewhat restricted by this legislation. But none the less, it is a great step towards the complete removal of Animal Testing in NZ and putting the pressure on other countries like Australia to make animal testing illegal.

This is mostly just for my blog and I for future reference in order to have posts available to read about Animal Testing Changes.