The best way to know how much you are spending and how much income you are getting in is writing it all down in order to ensure your managing your finances everyday efficiently.

I use a book with ALOT of paper and use one page for: expenses and one page for: income. I even made a free printable which you can download here.

The name of expenses would be things such as: Kmart or Cotton On, or in my example above, Grill'd. Then you would write how much you've spent with that transaction.

then lastly the Type of Expenses is like everyday spend meaning you should need to spend like lunch, rare spend like a concert ticket. Other types are like birthday present, IOU. You can either write it in the column on my printable, or if you are doing it in a book like me, you can colour code and highlight accordingly, for example, if it is a everyday expense, highlight it purple.

With the other page it gives you two tables to track your income. So whether you get paid fortnightly, weekly, monthly, have multiple jobs or you just need more room, I have provided two tables so you can use it either for the same month or use one per month - you do you. 

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