REVIEW: Cheap Brush Guards

I decided to up my makeup brush cleaning game and bought these as I was browsing eBay. These are meant to keep your brushes in shape as they dry.

I realised after removing the guard that my brushes smelt a bit vinegary and felt oily. So I decided to put all my brush guards into a bowl of boiling water for a decent amount of time (overnight). When using a clean guard on my E.L.F Complexion Brush my brush turned out wonderfully shaped and clean. Although the smell from the guards seems to linger, a few more soaks and it will be gone.

From other sellers they can send pre-cut brush guards and also just long strips of the material and you cut your own. The ones shown in my pictures I cut myself.

Apparently brush guards help with bristles that spread out. As you can see in the pictures below, my before brushes are more spread out as they've been used while the after it is very shaped and they're extremely soft.

before and after of brushes with brush guard

  • Flexible 
  • Tight Fitting
  • Keeps Bristles Shaped
  • Guards don't lose their shape dramatically
  • Leaves Oily Residue & Leaves Vinegar smell if not cleaned before use.

WOULD REPURCHASE? Yes! My brush guards have lasted well through a whole year and I have even bought more recently. I've been using these brush guards ever since I got them, every time I wash my brushes and I cannot imagine my brush cleaning routine without them, they're a game changer. 

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