I am literally on a roll with publishing these types of posts. It is probably due to the fact I go through TV series so quickly. This one is pretty mixed - two shows are mostly targeted at females, are comedies and one of them being kind of horror mixed with comedy... And the other show is gender neutral, serious and action adventure. 

Expect more of these types of posts from me, because well... I have probably already finished two TV series by the time this is published (Teen Titans I finished in a few days..)

Scream Queens
The creators of Glee and American Horror Story make a Black Comedy/Horror/Mystery show targeted at females. Majority of the cast is well known before this show and all have their own distinct personalities which makes this show a bit complex. As there is a murderer on the lose on College campus, killing people related to the Sorority which hides a dark secret from 20 years ago. Favourite character of mine is Denise Hemphill (shown on the left), she is campus security and realistically she's terrible at it. I know the actress, Niecy Nash, from the lifestyle show, Clean House, and she was pretty funny on that even though it was a reality show about cleaning peoples houses and using the money sold on items to renovate haha. Anywho, this show is hilarious and is best for teenage girls, but my mother does like it. Maybe it is a good show for mother-daughter bonding? Although some of the jokes are kind of awkward to hear with your parents around..

I am not a person who is against Marvel, I just prefer DC Comics. But after reading multiple Marvel fans rave on's facebook page about how good DareDevil is and saying its better than Arrow (questionable), it is pretty good. Typical hero storyline; person has a life changing accident happen to them, a parent dies. This life changing accident makes the main character, Matt, blind but adopts super senses. Matt fights bad guys in Hell's Kitchen in a very MA15+ way. It also has Goren from Law and Order as the main villain and he is bald so, its very good.

Jane The Virgin
I had been wanting to watch this show since it first came out but I never got the chance. Since finishing school (and the series being added to Netflix recently), I bulk watched the season in a few days. My mum, sister and I love it and its filled with so much drama, it has hints of soap opera qualities without the corniness and low production quality. Pretty much its a show about a 20-something year old woman discovering she is pregnant due to accidentally getting artificially inseminated with a random dude's sperm when she went to go get a check up. You follow her dealing with being pregnant, and being indecisive with which man she wants to be with. I get very emotionally invested.

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