MUSIC: Girls Night Out Playlist

I was inspired by Airtime to make a playlist of songs I like to get ready to for a Girls Night Out and I thought it was a pretty interesting and good idea. Music really puts you in the mood to go out and get excited for the night ahead. 

Needed Me - Rihanna
The best bad bitch song in a while and so great to sing to, especially just before you are about to hit the club.

Work from Home - Fifth Harmony & Hair - Little Mix
Although both these groups are totally different people and everything, both these songs are such squad goals for chicks and makes me feel uber empowered. 

Here - Alessia Cara 
a slow jam to sing to while you are doing your eye make-up (i am guilty) and definitely the feels at the end of the night when you are no longer buzzed and want to go home (tip: do not listen to this near the end of the pres or you will be not keen to go out)