Happn - The New Way of Dating*

You might have seen Happn on social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram because I definitely have. Happn was first launched in 2014 in Paris, and is now used in over 40 major cities Worldwide.

The concept of the app is quite interesting; by turning your GPS on your smartphone you can open yourself up to other Happn members that you cross paths with in public (within a 250m radius), and then are able to see their profiles. 

So if you've ever seen an appealing person on the street and didn't have the courage to go up to them, Happn can give you a second chance to introduce yourself to said person.

The Happn app lets you share a little bit of information about yourself to show others such as education, workplace, you can even write a short bio and connect your instagram and your fave song via Spotify. This really helps with letting potential crushes know more about who you are and what you like.

When coming across someone you like in public you can either Like (liking them won't send a notification to them) or Say Hi (by Saying Hi, it sends a notification; it is a fun way of letting the person know you're into them). If the interest is mutual, then it’s a Crush and you can start chatting!

The app really supports crushes getting to know each other and meeting up so they have unique features to help make the app fun and interesting for users. You can send songs through the app's messaging thanks to Spotify, record and send voice messages to crushes which help create a personal connection. And finally, the most interesting feature for me is See You There. This action allows you to share what you are doing in the next six hours. If someone is interested in accompanying you, they simply need to send a message and it's up to you to ignore or accept.