Products are purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Asterisk (*) mentioned in the title of a blog post = a company has sent the product to me for review, post is sponsored etc. The matters will be stated within the post.

Products mentioned on my posts are Cruelty-Free which is determined by PETA status, CCF List, Logical Harmony listing and /or my own personal research. I may contain brands in my blog that are not longer Cruelty-Free. Keep in mind of the post publish dates. I do not promise a brand I have mentioned in previous posts is still Cruelty-Free the date you view the publication.

Images and other media included in my posts are either mine, or have been extracted from a Google Search. If that is the case, If I can contact the original owner of the media I email for permission. If this cannot be done, a hyperlink either captioned underneath, or linked in the actual image is included and will send you to the source I got the image from.

Please be aware humans are not perfect. I am not perfect. I have made this blog to not only inform others, but myself as I research matters. If you feel you have additional information or corrective information that can benefit posts of mine (such as my Cruelty-Free Series) please leave your input in the comments of the relevant post! I definitely do not know everything and I really would appreciate learning more and giving people the right information.

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