Even though I don't post as often as I should/want, I still use products on a daily basis and either finish them or unfortunately, don't use them enough and they are no longer good to use (expired). I find these posts are great to write about as it is very easy to give a review on products you've finished up or for whatever reason, didn't use completely or at all. You will probably tell I keep up with these types of posts as I am always accumulating products. I hope you enjoy and thanks to all who stick around to read my rare post, I really want to try and get back into my blog this year *fingers crossed*

REVIEW: Kmart - Eye Cream (Kakadu Plum, Coffea Arabica Seed Extract & Aloe Vera)

Kmart - Eye Cream (Kakadu Plum, Coffea Arabica Seed Extract & Aloe Vera
I talk about skincare products a bunch on my blog because I love skincare and having clear, smooth skin. I got it mostly covered, from moisturiser, scrubs, oils (not masks as of late), but I realised I had something missing. Eye cream. Up until a few years ago I always associated eye cream with adults to treat any lines or dryness that tends to happen when you get older, but realistically you should be using eye cream to prevent wrinkles and so on. 

What's in my School Bag?

I've been going to TAFE for a year now, with this year being my final. I feel I have mastered the art of packing appropriately for travelling to the city almost every day for class. I started semester 2 this week and these are the usual suspects in my bag.

What's in my Carry On?

Travel Pillow from Kmart, Backpack by Hershel.

I went to New Zealand for 11 days and I had an amazing time. I've never travelled before overseas so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but having an organised carry-on made me feel a bit more at ease.