Went to Chemist Warehouse to pick up some essential stuff like Shampoo, Wash, pads.. yeah, and I was in desperate need for a eyelash curler because I need my lashes to look nice. I am really trying to smash out SACs and school work so pretty much all the posts I've previously posted and going to post in the next few weeks are gonna be scheduled and pre-written. That's been the case since like May-June because I was doing exams and such. Hopefully that isn't a problem but I might start doing some Christmas & Summer stuff? I am not a Christmas Person but last year I did do quite a few posts on it. Enjoy this quick ass haul.

Moxie - Slender Pads 12 Pack - $4.39AUD
Girl gotta do what girl is destined to do. Love this brand, would recommend as they don't test, brand made by a melbourne chick and helps school girls in Uganda!  

Moxie - Slender Liners 24 Pack - $3.69AUD
Girl gotta be cautious of what she's destined to do.
Enough said. 

My hair is super oily and kind of itchy these days, I wanted the normal tea tree shampoo but of course my Chemist Warehouse only had this in stock. I don't have Dandruff but it's the same shit right? Pretty expensive for Shampoo that is gonna be expired in like 3 months. 

I got an email from Sukin saying their 500ml Washes would be $8.99AUD at Chemist Warehouse but when I went to my local one, it wasn't advertised. My sister saw this massive ass bottle instead, it was obviously more expensive, but its a liter. And came with a free Intensive Hydration Cream (not pictured). I use this in the shower for my body.

E.L.F - Eyelash Curler - $3.00AUD
My first ever Eyelash Curler I had to throw out due to it looking so nasty and the pad was getting cut in half (I know you can replace them but the curler was super cheap from Reject Shop), I couldn't find many cheap eyelash curlers around so I picked this up from Kmart. I don't know if I like it, it does the job but I find it more difficult to curl my lashes compare to my old curler (it had springs and shit and this one is sort of like a clamp). But I really recommend the The Reject Shop brand curler though! 

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