REVIEW: Australis - Stayput! Longwear Foundation

I have been using my E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation for the past year and it seriously rocks. I own it in two colours (one for normal days, one for fake tan in which I mix it with my normal foundation). But I wanted to try another foundation that is vegan so I picked up this Australis one when there was 50% off all cosmetics on their online store one day. 
I realised even though from a distance my skin looks covered and even and I actually like how it looks, I looked in the mirror closer and I realised a lot of my face was either not covered properly, or it was very patchy. I used a buffing brush I bought on eBay so I tried applying it with just my fingers.

Doing this applied is a lot better and doesn't make it patchy at all, and it gives an even coverage but I did find myself adding a bit more to certain areas such as my nose and cheeks.

From far away the foundation looks nice and natural, but when you look closer, it is very patchy and uneven.

  • Pump & Glass Bottle 
  • Vegan 
  • Smells decent 
  • Feels nice on the skin
  • SPF 15
  • Patchy when applied with a buffing brush
  • comes off during the day, so not really "stayput"
  • Need to put quite abit on in order to cover skin

WOULD REPURCHASE? I would if I could get it half price or cheaper than what it's original price is. It is a good foundation to mix with a darker foundation, or just for day to day wear but  I would not want to wear this for an event. 

Available at Kmart, Priceline and the Australis Website (which also lists more stockists).

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