3 skincare steps I am trying to get into the habit of

Skincare is one area of beauty I feel everyone should care about, no matter age, gender, culture etc. For myself I always try prioritise treating my skin properly as I feel most confident when it is clear and smooth. Washing, moisturising and treating any spots is a given for me but I am really aiming to make more of an effort with the extra "optional" steps. 

1. Doing facial masks regularly

I love a nice face mask. Preferably a cream masque, not a creepy paper mask as I definitely cannot relax when I look like a serial killer.

I try to do these once a week as I see massive improvements with blemishes and skin complexion, but I get lazy and forget. My favourite face mask at the moment is the Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque.

2. Eye patches and cream

As a victim of genetic dark circles, anything to reduce the appearance is greatly appreciated. I get these $3 Kmart branded eye patches and they leave my under eyes feeling refreshed and moisturised (legit wrote this, went on the website and noticed they use the same adjectives to describe this product lol).

Eye cream every night is the aim. I don't really have a strict night skin routine as I just wash my face in the shower and go to bed, so this will definitely be the hard task.

3. Drink 3 litres of water

The recommendation is around 8 glasses per day/2 litres/half a gallon. I thought 2 and a bit litres was a decent aim as my Camelbak drink bottle is 750ml and having 3 of those is realistic.

I notice how bad my skin is when I don't drink enough water and include sugary drinks into my diet. Dry patches, "bumps" on my forehead and little spots here and there. Water really is an important step in any skincare regime as well as just general overall health.

Let me know in the comments below what skincare step you are attempting to make a habit of :) 

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