HAUL: Designer Brands

Designer Brands is somewhat well known in Australia (and New Zealand?) for its great range of beauty products, more specifically their dupes of high-end branded products. From foundation, mascara and even perfumes, they have an amazing variety and are super affordable and most importantly; everything is vegan and cruelty-free! 

I bought all of these products straight from the Designer Brands website as I felt it was the easiest way to get everything I wanted and the parcels (ordered twice) were presented very nicely.

Flowers EDP 100ml 
This perfume is inspired by Marc Jacobs 'Daisy', and I will say that it has a very, very similar scent.

Miss Delicate EDP 100ml 
Inspired by Dior's 'Miss Dior', I thought I'd give it a try considering when I was younger I had a little sample sized one and I really liked the smell.

Firming Age Revive Pressed Powder
My Australis fresh & flawless pressed powder is hitting pan and I thought I would try something different for once. Even though it is my holy grail and I will always re-purchase it, this powder looks smooth and classy with its packaging.

If you buy 3 products you get a free gift, so I got a Manicure Set

Paparazzi Palette
I haven't had a new palette in years so I thought I'd treat myself to this really nice and affordable one. It has a lot of warm colours which I love and believe suits my skin tone more than cooler tones.

Spray & Set
The only setting spray I have tried before was my Australis Finishing Spritz which worked well but I just didn't reach for it enough until it was too late (expired). I am planning on doing a review on this product soon.

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