Another post about what I finished up. I tried to accumulate what I could but I would always forget to put it away and not in the bin. So have fun reading what I am going to throw away. 

Natio - Lash Definition Mascara
It did the job but I didn't find anything crazy good about this mascara.
Re-Purchase? Probably not.

Natio - Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15 
Actually didn't use this as a moisturiser at all - I just used it has a cream to shave because it was expired and I didn't want it to go to waste.
Re-Purchase? No

Essence - Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer
My favourite concealer, lasts a while and it's super cheap. I couldn't find it on Priceline website, I am making the assumption it's discontinued....
Re-Purchase? Essence aren't CF anymore so no.

This mascara was good but you had to work with it. It made my lashes all clumpy so at times I found myself cleaning off the excess from the wand other wise I would have bunches of mascara balls on my lashes. 
Re-Purchase? Essence aren't CF anymore, so no.

I don't even need to explain this - my favourite wash, so cheap and makes my skin feel fre$h.
Re-Purchase? Already Done.

The first eyelid primer I used - doesn't make your lids oily, keeps shadows on. I feel this tube had not much product though, I will buy another tube and hopefully it's not the same deal. But it's so cheap, what do you expect? 
Re-Purchase? Yess

Organic Care - Colour Shield Conditioner
The only Vegan & CF Hair Care you can find at the supermarket and doesn't cost double digits. Feels super good on my hair and makes it smooth.
Re-Purchase? Definitely.

I got this as a gift for my 15th Birthday (Almost 2 years ago), it worked pretty well and smelt like trees. I have a bit left but I feel it's going bad.
Re-Purchase? Probably not

Probably my 4th tube of this stuff. It is so inexpensive and can be found online on iHerb, e.l.f website and even at Kmart. It does the job really well.
Re-Purchase? Yes!

I will continue to use this for as long as it exists. It is so natural and helps get rid of whatever pimple arises.. 
Re-Purchase? Already done.

The lotion in which accompanied the matching body butter from my last empties. Obviously because its been open for more than 12 months I ended up using it as shaving cream and it worked pretty well. I remember it working well for moisturising my skin too, so it was all up good but not amazing.
Re-Purchase? Probably not. 

Real Techniques - Miracle Complexion Sponge
I bought this in April and used it quite a few times, I obviously washed it regularly but its getting tears and it isn't working as good as it use to.
Re-Purchase? In the Future, Yes

My favourite toothy tabs by lush, the ginger makes my breath fresher and my mouth felt clean after using this. 
Re-Purchase? Definitely.

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