When I first discovered the coloured Cruzer Switch USBs in the Back To School Officeworks catalogue early last year I was amazed by the price (it was like $7). You are able to Password Protect (for whatever shit you want to hide lol), dust and waterproof apparently it can go through the washing machine and still works and I will admit I was really drawn to the colours available. I use this mostly to keep documents and files for homework and assignments (IT, Media, Legal Studies & anything I need to print off)

Ego - Aqium Hand Sanitizer (70ml) - $2.99AUD
Carrying hand sanitizer around everywhere is essential but I reckon school is probably even more. Think about all the furniture you touch and a bunch of other kids come into contact with? You cant easily leave class and go wash your hands so carrying this around in your pencil case or bag is a good idea.

Le Tan - Daily Face Sheer Tint with SPF 30+ - $11.99AUD
Protect your face from the Sun during the day - walking class to class, during sport, out at lunch always put some sunscreen on. I never use to wear sunscreen and my face would sometimes get sunburnt from sitting out at lunch time. This is a tint so it's kind of like a BB Cream too and it basically blends to your skin tone and evens complexion (NOTE: ladies with darker skin or lighter skin, I have no idea if this will suit your skin and since there's only one shade... Please check out my review on it here and see for yourself to judge)

E.L.F - Mineral Lip Tint with SPF 8 in Berry - $3.00AUD
Keep your lips moisturised and looking nice with a tinted lip balm. This tastes like sugar and is really pigmented and should be a lipstick instead of a tint.

What are your School Essentials? 

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