I swear by the end of this year I will be up to Cotton On Haul #20. Once again, I bought a bunch of accessories I probably don't need but they were too cheap to pass up. I only bought two clothing items because Cotton On doesn't have much good clothes at the moment. I needed a new water bottle for school as my pink one is for Iced Tea and the sugar always gets stuck in the straw and it's gross. A bunch of tissues for Winter which will be here as soon as we know it, a new wallet cause why not and a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy!

cotton on, clothes, shirt, long sleeve, monochrome

1. Hair Tie Set in Spots and Stripes - $2.00AUD
2. Penny Drop Wallet in White - $5.00AUD
3. Audrey Cateye - $5.00AUD
4. Foundation Tissues in Bandana - $1.00AUD
9. Fine Chucky Chain Necklace in Gold - $5.00AUD

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