REVIEW: Epicare Spring Facial Hair Remover

When I first purchased this product from a eBay seller in China, it never arrived and it was well past it's estimated delivery time so I contacted the seller and they gave me a refund. I bought this one from Melbourne and I received it the first day of estimated delivery. Although it was 2 dollars more, it was worth it actually getting here on time and packaged nicely in plastic.

To see how to use it, just refer to the images below. To clean hairs out of the spring just blow air into it, if you want to wash it make sure to dry it completely from water otherwise it will rust.



  • Quick Postage (seller was in my state)
  • Packaged securely
  • Easy to clean
  • Longer Lasting Results of reduced hair growth
  • Removes hair from root 
  • Painful (depending on your pain tolerance)

WOULD REPURCHASE? The price and the quality is so affordable and good to experiment. I will use this for facial hair or any small areas of my body and it gets the hair out. Although it is painful, beauty is pain and considering you are threading/epilate your skin and you've paid such a small amount for a device, it is great.

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