REVIEW: Sukin - Micellar Water

Sukin is one of my favourite brands, they have great ethical standards and really attempt to cater for everyone. They have no parabens, no animal bi products, don't test on animals and so much more. They make my favourite face wash, so I had to try this micellar water considering I can't get the famous bioderma. 

If you are wearing face makeup I suggest, and so does the bottle, that you use the micellar water to remove most of it and then cleanse with a face wash. If you just have mascara and brows on it works fine to just remove that with no washing. 

I cleans off makeup really well, from simply wearing powder to wearing foundation, it does the job pretty well. I will comment that it irritated my eyes a lot if I covered the cotton pad with it and attempted to remove eyeshadow or mascara. I have no idea if other micellar waters do this as this is the first one I have used.

If you are going to remove eye makeup it is probably best to apply the micellar water and normal water onto the pad. The regular water will make it less harsh but still get the job done. 

Another weird thing is that if too much is applied to the cotton pad and you fold the pad, it becomes all sudsy. I don't know if that is normal but it happens.  

  • Smells like Cucumber and Chamomile
  • Does not dry out skin
  • Removes makeup well

  • Irritates eyes if too much product is applied.
  • Soapy residue if there is too much product.

RATING: 3.5/5
WOULD REPURCHASE? I want to look into other micellar waters. But if nothing else works better than this, I will repurchase. 

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