REVIEW: FitBit Charge HR

fit bit charge HR review

After my sister continuously persuaded me to buy a FitBit so we can verse each other I gave in when Good Guys had them discounted. Knowing my heart rate and how many steps I do in a day is very motivating and assists me with how I can improve. I will admit, due to Year 12 and working I have not actually worked out. But with that, I wear this when I work and the step count goes up and is also a watch so its very helpful.

When I first purchased this there was only purple and black available, if I got it once the navy blue or teal was out I would of considered a navy one, but black is still a great option as it suits with everything.

I use to have my fitbit on my dominant hand (left), but I felt it would hurt my wrist when I would write and also I think the steps would add up as I moved my arm without actually walking. So I moved it to my right wrist which is fine and I believe it's pretty accurate. The fitbit has a watch-type closure which is different to past fitbits and is heaps more secure as apparently old fitbit models the closure could easily pop out.

To clean it, it recommends in the instructions to use a cetaphil type cleanser. I get Q-tips and some tea tree/water mix and wipe the outside and inside of the fitbit, even the sensor. If you do not clean it, you will develop a skin irritation or even infection due to the collection of dead skin, sweat and other gross stuff.

  • Awards System: Motivating to get your step count up, floor count etc.
  • Friends System: compare and verse friends in step count, motivate each other etc.
  • Summarises statistics on FitBit dashboard so you can compare from previous dates.
  • Allows you to customise what can be seen on Fitbit
  • Vibrates to alert you on alarms and achievements 
  • Creates alarms
  • Alerts you when you've hit goals e.g. step count
  • Tracks Sleeping Patterns: restlessness, awake etc.
  • Can sync data on both computer and smartphone.
  • Lasts 2 days without needing to be charged. 
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Caller ID function
  • Can tap or use button to go through data on fitbit
  • Screen is not scratch proof. I have to cover screen with a piece of tape as my DIY screen protectors keep falling off. 
  • Not Waterproof
EDIT: A month before my 12 month warranty was up I reported to their support that the rubber on the wrist was peeling off for a while. I just had to show some photographic evidence that it was my fitbit and the issue and they sent me a replacement! The shipping was speedy and although I think they did change the size of the fitbit from when I purchased it to now, it was still great. 

WOULD RECOMMEND? I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get into health and fitness. I find it so helpful to see how much steps I've done at my heart rate when I do certain things. This is something you use everyday and is worth the money.

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