Coming at you with another eBay Finds... I literally buy so much little things from Ebay so I hope you like these, as there will be more to come. Here is a mix of beauty, and fashion/jewellery in this post, so I hope you enjoy. 

18 inch 1mm Silver Chain 
I am not much of a necklace wearer, but when I wore one for a week I really enjoyed it. Until I broke the chain. So I purchased this one on eBay for a dollar and it is the perfect length and is skinny enough to allow different ornaments to go on it e.g. my white opal from eBay also.

Practical 2 in 1 Nail File 
When I lost my beloved nail file I realised I needed to get a new one. My favourite type of nail file has a pointed end as shown here. This was around a dollar and is great for filing, removing dirt under the nails and removing excess dead skin. I don't really use/know the end of the file, its like a fork type thing? Apparently its meant to remove cuticles but I don't really like using it.

Perfume Atomiser
Instead of carrying a big bottle of perfume around, I thought putting perfume in a smaller bottle would be a lot more practical. I assumed this bottle had a hole at the bottom to disperse the perfume (like Travolos), only to discover when it was delivered that you had to unscrew the top and spray in your perfume, which is no biggie.

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