My New Room Inspiration - Part One

After living in the same room for 18 years of my life, I can finally move out of it. My brother moved into his house so we have a spare room now a.k.a my new room. Its slightly bigger than my room, and I can fit a double bed comfortably in it. I thought it would be interesting to document what I am planning on doing, and then what I am actually doing. 

I will make a few posts of these so hopefully you like it.

Alex 5 Drawer 

I've always been low on storage, or, I have never had an organised one for my beauty products. I definitely do not have enough makeup to even fill the top drawer of this (thank god), but at least I can use this unit to store all my other things so my room is clean.

Reversible Linear Quilt Cover Set
I have had the Trent Quilt Cover Set from Kmart for a couple of years now but I feel as I am moving into a new room, I need a new look. For some reason I really like this one, especially that it is reversible like the trent.

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