REVIEW: Reject Shop - Magic Makeup Up Remover

For a while this product was circulating on facebook as it is the cheaper (heaps cheaper*) alternative to the famous, Makeup Eraser. I looked in Reject Shop quite a few times trying to find it and never found it. But once I stopped looking.. I found it. And I had to get it and make a review. 

This polyester cloth retails for $6 and is only available at the Reject Shop as it is their own product. The concept is easy and unbelievable, as it claims to remove majority of your makeup without any removers - only water and the cloth. I am a lazy chick, but I can't go without cleaning my face completely after a night out. I either use my facial brush and a face wash, or micellar water and a shit ton of cotton pads. 

When I opened the cloth out of the plastic box it came in, a lot of pink fluff came off. It was kind of shedding, yet I used it to try it out. 

First Impression: shit, this actually works. I applied water to it, and started wiping my face to remove foundation and powder and you could see the makeup on the cloth. It did clean off majority of my makeup but I didn't feel completely clean (I like to be squeaky).

  • Affordable (only $6 dollars compare to Makeup Eraser, $18+) 
  • Removes Makeup Well without harsh scrubbing
  • Long exfoliating side actually gives a more thorough clean
  • Washable with Washing Machine or hand wash

  • Cannot buy online, in store only at Reject Shop
  • Doesn't make you feel clean (need to follow up with a cleanser if you want a nice, proper clean feeling)

WOULD RE-PURCHASE? Totally! It is such an easy way to clean your face and is super great if you have a full face of makeup and can't do a deep clean with a brush and cleanser. 

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