My New Room Inspiration - Part Two: What bedside table?

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Hello all, here's my part two of however many parts for my new room inspo series. My dad has painted my room and ripped out the old carpet and so far is looks great, but, I can't live in there yet. Or, I can't be bothered. 

The new carpet has been ordered and should be put in next week and that's when I am going to move in. I have already put in majority of my clothes in the wardrobe which is amazing cause I have so much more room.

I realised the other day that I don't want to keep the same bedside table I have had practically all my life. The drawers are breaking and frankly I don't even use them all. Also the colour is becoming very worn and ugly as, so I have decided to get something fresh.

I am stuck on two different types of tables to get, both from Kmart (what a surprise).

White Locker

I would really enjoy this locker as I could store a bunch of stuff inside it and it will look neat as I can close the door. Also it will be easy to clean as its white and metal.

2 Tone Side Table
This is a pretty simplistic looking bedside table with a drawer which I like as I can just hang my phone charged in there and its easy to get to.

If you guys could comment below what table you prefer the most that would be great! 

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