I think I should stop apologising for my lack of posts because I am so on and off with my blogging this year it is ridiculous. At least I am super on with my TV show watching so I hope you enjoy another one of these posts.

Law & Order: SVU
One of my favourite shows ever is Law & Order: SVU. I have been watching it even since I was young (probably not the best for under 15 but it was ok) and I love Olivia, she is my main woman and I aspire to be her. SVU stands for Special Victims Unit so it obviously revolves around crimes with victims of sexual assault. The show sometimes does episode based on real life cases (they don't want to admit that though), and they're pretty good. 

Chicago P.D.
Once this show came out I have always wanted to watch it, especially considering that the creator of this show was the famous: Dick Wolf! (creator of the law and order franchise). The show focuses on the intelligence unit and dealing with drug trafficking, high-profile murders etc. They even do crossover episodes with Law and Order: SVU and it's some intense crime shit, and every time I watch it I want to be a cop so bad. Season 3 comes out super soon and I am stoked. 

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