REVIEW: E.L.F - Moisturising Foundation Stick

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.L.F is such a great brand and one of my favourites due to its quality and affordability. I've really stuck to the same old foundations for the past few years and since my holy grail was about to run out, I decided to try something different. 

This stick foundation claims to give "natural looking coverage" and "nourish and hydrate skin" and really purchased it as I have dry/combo skin. I got the shade Ivory (white girl life) and when I applied it onto my skin I believe the colour match was pretty good for me. I wouldn't say that I am the palest girl ever, so anyone lighter than me probably won't have fun with this shade (the lightest shade in their selection I might add!). As I applied the foundation directly from the stick it wasn't as smooth as I imagined. It felt like I was slightly tugging at my skin as I put strokes onto sections of my face.

In regards to blending you could try blending with a buffing brush, fingers or sponge but from trailing all three, I decided that a wet sponge does the best job. As the foundation isn't creamy as traditional, liquid foundations it doesn't have much to spread around so I find a sponge does a nice even layer and evens it out over my skin (and the water from the sponge does help move everything easier).

For the wear of this foundation, I felt it lasted pretty well. When I wear it for 6-8 hours I see some parts of my face where the foundation has worn off a tad, but I don't mind as from a distance my skin looks great.

I recommend this foundation mostly for people with combo skin rather than actually dry skin as I feel it made my dry spots obvious and didn't moisturise my skin as much as it claims.

blended with my fingers

  • Vegan
  • Medium Coverage
  • Easy to apply onto skin
  • Looks good after hours of wear
  • Doesn't feel very moisturising on the skin
  • Hard to blend with fingers 
  • Makes dry spots more noticeable
  • A tad unhygienic applying via stick

WOULD RE-PURCHASED? The concept is fun and easy to use, and I like the coverage. It isn't as amazing as my E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation, but I might purchase this in a darker shade to see if I can use it to contour as I do like the finish of it. If I couldn't get the FF foundation for whatever reason, I would buy this again. 

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