REVIEW: Essano - Rosehip Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser

I bought this cleanser after trying to find my normal Derma Sukin face wash but couldn't find it. With not being able to find my holy grail, I decided to try a new cleanser. I've known of Essano for a while but never tried anything from this brand until now.
On first impressions, the smell of the cleanser was... not great.. at all. It smelt very chemically. Unless the mix of the 'natural' ingredients makes it smell that way. I powered on and applied it to my face, not breathing through my nose. It didn't irritate my skin at all and I felt refreshed after washing. It is a foaming cleanser so it was obviously, foam up when you rub it to wet skin. I have used foam cleansers before and haven't had major issues, just drying out my skin a bit.

With this being said, after applying it once or twice a day for 2 days, I realised my upper lip was very dry. Not like chapped dry, but TMI, my lip was just a layer of dry, uncomfortable skin. I didn't even connect the two together until I saw my face and realised that my skin was getting awfully flakey again after a month or two of a good run (I am mostly dry combo).

I went to a facebook group to ask other people their experience with the cleanser, while there were people who loved it, I had equally as many people who occurred a bad reaction from it similar to mine; Really dry skin, even bad breakouts. I was glad I wasn't the only one.

So although it gives me a nice clean feeling after washing and I actually feel good after using it, the hour or two after using, my skin shows its true colours. The product claims on its packaging that it is suitable for "all skin types" but I don't believe that is true (at least for me anyway).

dry skin (applied foundation on top and realised my skin was bad af)

  • Leaves skin feeling clean and not tight
  • Vegan
  • Reasonably priced
  • NZ Owned and Made
  • Makes my skin flaky dry 
  • Smell isn't pleasant 

WOULD RE-PURCHASED? Well considering how my skin reacted, as well as the really unpleasant smell, I am definitely gonna steer clear of this cleanser. I don't suggest this to girls with dry and/or sensitive skin like me, really, foaming cleansers aren't great for this skin type anyway.

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