REVIEW: Madam Glam Latest Collections*

I've worked with Madam Glam before and I love their brand and their polishes. Doing my nails was such a drag as the polishes I've always used chip easily and I have to redo them every few days. With Madam Glam gels they can last up to two weeks and I haven't experienced chipping either. Madam Glam let me choose 4 polishes, 3 being from their newer collections: Fluffy & Diamond. 

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S'mores from the Candy Fluff Collection
This polish was probably the most confusing one for me to wrap my head around. Initially, when I picked it, I thought it might be fluffy in texture, but the photos I saw it had a clean glossy finish over it. The colour is a nice light lilac with subtle pink and blue fibres, accompanied with some small but noticeable black fibres. From a distance, it just looks like some funky blue-ish/purple nail polish but when up close, you can see the fibres. This is very different and not traditional, but it is super fun and I actually enjoy how it looks.

Coats to Opaqueness - 1 coat
True to Colour in Swatch? - not on Madam Glam's swatch but the other photo shown on their page is definitely accurate.

Sky Melt &  Lavender Honey from the Diamond Collection 
Madam Glam's Diamond Collection is probably my favourite of their new ranges. These polishes have a beautiful silver, glitter flakes that are super eye-catching.

The blue is a great bright light blue that reminds me of winter and snow whilst the lavender honey is a great mix of light pink and purple with the same glitter flakes as Sky Melt.

Coats to Opaqueness - 2 coats
True to Colour in Swatch? - Sky Melt's swatch is true to colour, whilst Lavender Honey is not accurate to Madam Glam's Swatch, whilst the real life photo is more accurate.

Romantica: Metallica Hybrid 
This is such a sweet chrome-looking pink-lavender colour. I didn't even know you could use this polish as a normal nail polish, or a gel. I haven't tried it normally (when you just let it air dry completely), but using it as a gel, it worked great. I will suggest mixing the colour a bit in the bottle before you apply as I got a red-ish tone settle on my nail, but other than that, this colour and finish is so beautiful and subtle.

Coats to Opaqueness - 1 coat
True to Colour in Swatch? - Both true to colour in Madam Glam's Swatch as well as real life photo.

Also, please keep note of the instructions on the polish's page as some have different ways of application. For example, Romantica, which I did not follow these instructions, which probably 

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