What's in my Carry On?

Travel Pillow from Kmart, Backpack by Hershel.

I went to New Zealand for 11 days and I had an amazing time. I've never travelled before overseas so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but having an organised carry-on made me feel a bit more at ease. 

Travel Wallet - wallets are a crucial item for the organisation of all things money, documents, cards etc. I love wallets as I am obsessed with ensuring everything has its place, I definitely wanted to get a pretty travel wallet. This includes my flight tickets, contiki documents, cards, passport etc. Typo has great and affordable travel wallets and look great and stands out.

Cables (earphones, phone charger, fitbit cable) - this is definitely a no-brainer. I need to charge my devices during my trip, so I have stuffed them into a small pouch.

Portable Charger - a must for me where-ever I go is something to charge my phone with if, and when it runs out of battery. This one is a cheap alternative from Kmart that treats me well especially for the price. I also have a Moki one which I got from Dick Smith (online obviously).

DSLR Camera in Bag - I believe a golden rule of travelling via plane is to keep your valuable, and sensitive items in your carry-on to avoid anything getting lost or damaged. As mentioned I wanted to take a lot of footage on my trip and HD quality is preferable. The pouch I keep my camera in (pictured, from eBay) gives my camera some extra security and made it easier to transport on day trips rather than bringing a heavy camera bag. The bag I brought (eBay, not pictured) includes a spare SD card (Sandisk), battery charger, cleaning cloth and other accessories. I really didn't end up needing a spare SD card, as my original 32GB card was more than sufficient to hold my footage. 

Tissues - no explanation needed, tissues are important in all life situations. These tissues from Cotton On Foundation are always good to carry, and the proceeds go towards charity so it's a win-win. 

Hand Sanitizer & Anti-Bacterial Wipes - Whether it be on the plane, or during my trip when I'm out doing things I want to make sure my hands are clean so I don't get sick. Hand Sanitizer is the best and this one by Soap and Glory smells super nice. Anti-bacterial wipes are from Kmart. 

Ultrabalm - can't leave the house without this stuff. Especially on a plane, my lips got so dry, this was definitely needed to hydrate them. I did a review on this product years ago and my opinions of it still stand.

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