What's in my School Bag?

I've been going to TAFE for a year now, with this year being my final. I feel I have mastered the art of packing appropriately for travelling to the city almost every day for class. I started semester 2 this week and these are the usual suspects in my bag.

Notebook & Folder - for writing down class notes, if needed. I got both the folder and the notebook from Kmart, with the contact paper (yes I love batman), from Big W.

Wallet - has essentials like money, card, and other cards needed just in case. 
Keys - just in case I need to get into my house after uni.

Headphones - these Kmart headphones are grouse. They're wired but also can be used via Bluetooth which makes easy to listen to music on the train and also at the gym without any cables hanging out.

Tissues - always need these just in case, I sneeze a lot.
Anti-Bacterial Wipes - I am kind of like the mum in the group so I carry these in case I need to clean something. Also, to remove stubborn lip creams that only come off with a wet wipe or makeup remover.

Ventolin - carry this with me just in case I have a coughing fit or anything asthma related arises.
Hair brush and Mirror - My hair gets super knotty so I like to have this especially on long days so I look decent. 

Pencil Case - for someone who only writes notes for 2 out of 7 classes, I have a lot of stationary. A bunch of highlighters, coloured pens, a 4 pen, ruler, electrical tape (tech life), and a sharpie. 
Hand Sanitizer - if my hands get sticky and gross from food or something, this sanitizer works pretty well and smells g. 

Portable Charger and AC Plug - always have to carry these just in case my phone starts losing batteries after a long day. 

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