Even though I don't post as often as I should/want, I still use products on a daily basis and either finish them or unfortunately, don't use them enough and they are no longer good to use (expired). I find these posts are great to write about as it is very easy to give a review on products you've finished up or for whatever reason, didn't use completely or at all. You will probably tell I keep up with these types of posts as I am always accumulating products. I hope you enjoy and thanks to all who stick around to read my rare post, I really want to try and get back into my blog this year *fingers crossed*

Lush - Ultrabalm
I have used this balm for years for dry skin, dry lips, moisturise my tattoos etc and it has been amazing. I have a review on my blog which you can read here.
Re-Purchase? Yes, already have a fresh tin. 

E.L.F - Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain
I bought this foundation probably two years ago and after regular wear for years, it as finally finished on me. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who asks for an affordable, vegan and good quality foundation. You can get this from Kmart (in Australia) or online (iHerb, ELF Australia) and the price ranges from $6 to $16, the coverage is medium to full as you're able to build it up and it feels great on the skin. I could wear this for 12 hours and still look good, or go clubbing and get super sweaty and my skin will be flawless looking still. For the price, it is worth trying out, and hopefully, you won't be disappointed.
Re-Purchase? Definitely. Already purchased a new bottle.

Australis - Go Camo Concealer
I bought this a couple of years ago when I first started the blog. I love camo (check my wardrobe), so I thought buying this concealer was a great idea. Wrong. For some reason, when applied it just wouldn't move, like it could not blend out. I tried different methods to make it work like a wet sponge, wet brush but nothing would work. So this is practically full but after years of sitting in my drawer, I just had to give up.
Re-Purchase? I don't think Australis makes this anymore and thank god.

ELF - Lip Stain and Gloss 
I bought this years ago when I first found out about ELF and went on a lil crazy spree. The colour never really suited my skin tone at all and I only got it because of the name ("first date", blink-182 reference for me). I am not even a gloss girl so that end of the stick really wasn't touched and unfortunately is now expired.
Re-Purchase? No thnx

NYX - Lip Plumper Gloss? 
I got this as a gift years ago although with a few other NYX lip products. This is a great plumping gloss that you could feel working, I didn't reach for it often though as I didn't really (and still don't) like glosses.
Re-Purchase? No, and at this point, I also do not support NYX as they are owned by L'Oreal.

Too Faced - Better Than Sex 
I got this for my birthday last year and  I actually really liked it. I was worried due to mixed reviews from others saying it was way too hard to work with, but mine was great. I sprayed some saline solution on it at times to make it less clumpy, and I loved how it made my lashes look.

Re-Purchase? Due to Too Faced being acquired by Estee Lauder, I don't know if I am going to support Too Faced anymore. A lot of other bloggers and fans are either going to boycott them, or they have realised funding cruelty-free companies with not cruelty-free parents companies is OK, as it shows their parent company that cruelty-free is a deal breaker when buying products. I still haven't made up my mind.

E.L.F - Concealer
I bought this from iHerb and it was actually a decent concealer. It had light coverage and I mostly used it under my eyes on a normal day.
Re-Purchase? Yes if I needed a quick fix.

Australis - Fresh & Flawless Powder
Always my holy grail powder and I have gone through a few of these. Although the shade range for different people isn't the best, their shades work for me pretty well and reduce oil on my face and set my makeup.
Re-Purchase? Definitely!

Australis - Clear Lash and Brow Extender
I've used a couple clear gels for my eyebrows to keep them in place but I keep going back to this one. It isn't too wet, the wand is a perfect shape and length to shape my brows correctly and my eyebrows stay in place all day. I get this always on sale because I can't justify spending $12 on a clear gel, but it is great.
Re-Purchase? Already done.

Sukin - Micellar Water
I actually did a review on this product which you can find here, but.. I liked this to remove my eye makeup and believed it did a great job but if accidentally put too much product on the cotton pad, it would sting my eyes. At the moment, I really enjoy the Swisse Micellar Water.
Re-Purchase? If I can't get the Swisse Micellar Water.

Sukin - Sensitive Cleansing Lotion
When I did use this product I did feel it would be great for people with really sensitive skin but I just thought it didn't do enough for me. I felt cleansed but I am not a fan of lotion cleansers despite my dry skin.
Re-Purchase? No, I find my Dermasukin Daily Gentle Wash does a better job for my skin.

Kmart - Cleansing Facial Wipes
Kmart wipes have always been a thing for me since I was a young teen. They are super inexpensive and always in stock at my local Kmart so I stock up on a couple of packs for removing makeup after a night out, or even to keep in my bag to clean my hands after work.
Re-Purchase? Always

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