How I setup my desk for a productive self-isolation

OK - this is definitely the longest break I have ever had from blogging. 2 years??? It really doesn't feel that long but time flies when you are having fun. If anyone is actually reading this, I have finally returned as Covid-19 has free'd up most of my schedule now. 

Events are cancelled, clubs and pubs are closed = nothing for me to do in my industry for the foreseeable future.. oh joy! 

So with this, I have decided to do a little makeover of my desk so I can actually work from home (with the small projects I have from work). 

1. Additional monitor
My desk at work has two monitors so it was only a matter of time before I dismantled my setup at the office and brought it home. I love two monitors (or more!) as you are able to look at multiple windows at once and avoid changing web tabs every minute. Efficient and effective.

2. Monitor Stand
With the monitor, a monitor stand is the next 'must'. Having a monitor elevated is heaps better as it stops me from slouching so much. It also gives me space underneath for storage (for stationary essentials like sticky notes and stapler). You can get these from office supply stores or online for around $20AUD+. Mine is from my work (purchased from Officeworks) and is very sturdy.

3. Mouse and Keyboard
So standard, but so good. You forget how good a mouse is when you are stuck using a track pad. Do not get me wrong, track pads are great and reliable but I feel more in control and precise when I use a mouse. If I invested in a better mouse I would most likely have an even better experience, but my cute Kmart mouse has treated me well.

I never knew I needed a mechanical keyboard until I realised all my male co-workers and friends had one so I jumped on board. I didn't want to spend ridiculous amounts on a keyboard as I am only using it for general computer use and not gaming. I picked this one up from Kogan and it was on sale for $32 dollars. It is now $149 dollars.... OK.

4. Minimal knick-knacks
Don't know about you but I FUCKING hate "knick-knacks". Just the word frustrates me. I feel cluttered and overwhelmed just by hearing it, let alone seeing them. But that is just me. 

If knick knacks spark joy, definitely have a few here and there around your space as long as it doesn't distract you. Me; I just have a little fake plant :)

5. Source of Lighting 
If you are like me and you somehow spark motivation at the weirdest times, natural light may not be available. I have a really old Ikea lamp on my desk that has been with me for as long as this blog (look at old desk tours lol). It emits a really warm light rather than cool which is better on the eyes and gives a cozy vibe.

Comment down below what you have on your desk/workplace to keep you productive and motivated :)

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