REVIEW: Waxaway - Aquawax Roll-on Kit

Waxaway is a great CF Australian brand - pretty much the only wax I know at the moment which is cruelty-free. I am more of a shaving person, purely because I am not fussed with shaving a lot as it is really quick.

My first impression with this wax wasn't great. I attempted to warm it up for 10 seconds as suggested and it was not even warm. I kept re-heating in 2 second increments and it was slowly getting there but not really. I eventually gave up that night because it was not working. I did take two, and spent half an hour trying to work with it. I believe my microwave isn't strong enough, as other reviews from other people say it was fine for 10 seconds. 

But a blogger said she used a cup of hot water and it worked just as well. Which it did worked well for me! I kept the stick upside down and rolled it on the back of my hand until it produced a layer of wax, evenly done might I add. Anyway, so the next step was removing the hair. I do not believe this is the wax's fault, more my own rookie-ness showing how I cannot wax my underarms. I mainly purchased this to do it for formal instead of going to a salon. 

It would evenly spread the wax onto the skin but I just cannot master which sections to wax, which direction to apply it and which direction to remove it... SO - that's me.

I tried again, on my legs this time. I put it in hot water again and I could barely apply any product. I am done. I believe the wax wasn't hot enough at all for it do go through the roller and apply onto my skin.The sticky excess wax I had on my leg was very easy to get off with cold water on a wash cloth.

  • Water Soluble 
  • Multiple roller heads to cater for different parts of the body. 
  • A lot of reusable wax strips included 
  • Applies an even amount of wax onto skin
  • Vegan
  • My microwave does not warm wax up at all.

RATING: 3.5/5
WOULD REPURCHASE? Literally believe it's my fault that for some reason my microwave cannot warm but the wax to save its life. Other bloggers were able to warm it up easily compare to me. When I applied the wax to my underarms it was consistent and even and would probably take off so much hair if it wasn't in such an awkward place of my body. The concept is great and easy, would definitely repurchase if my damn microwave would warm the wax.

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