I am giving you guys another post of TV shows I recommend. For some reason I watch quite a few shows and I am in the middle of year 12. (scheduled post) Oh well, If you enjoy these posts let me know and I will keep making them!

Teen Wolf
I love the supernatural theme and including cute boys and it is A+. My sister wanted me to watch this for months and I thought it sounded so lame, but now it is probably my favourite show. The soundtracks are sick and the storyline is very interesting. I don't want to bore you with a synopsis but a teenage boy gets bitten by a werewolf, figures out with the help of another werewolf that he has responsibilities and must control his new senses and then there's evil people every season.

P.S. I love Dylan O'Brien.

I probably only started watching this show because of Nick Jonas being a main character. Now I actually like the storyline, which is about a Gym which focuses on MMA. The guy who owns the Gym is facing financial trouble and his family's problems as well. Very good drama, get on it.

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