TV SHOWS I RECOMMEND #3 (DC Comics Edition)

My obsession with superhero (mostly DC) based has grown in the past few months. When I was meant to be studying I was bulk watching Arrow and The Flash and got into Supergirl soon after it came out. I will do another version of this as I have another one or two shows I want to recommend. 


I literally bulk watched 3 seasons of this show in a week during my holidays before exams. I did a reaction post on the first episode of season 4 (spoilers contained). Green Arrow is one of the not so popular heroes known by the general public and this show isn't for kids either. It follows two storylines of present day and the past, with Oliver Queen as the main character. He went missing and presumed dead after his father's boat sank and the past storyline reveals what Oliver did in the 5 years of his absence.

The present storyline follows Oliver back at home, in Star City, and his main objective is to protect and bring justice to his City and fix the faults that his father (a wealthy and powerful figure in the City) had done and stop others who use the the City and its resources for their own gain.

Definitely a good watch.

First few episodes of Supergirl have been so good. The storyline has really got me and a pretty great
way to introduce Kara and mention the fact she is trying to be her own person and not rely on her cousin, Super man. As this is on a different TV network (CBS), this universe would not cross over with Arrow and The Flash (as they are CW) which I am fine with as the other two shows do not really go into Aliens were as Supergirl does. I am happy that Supergirl does not just fight aliens, but metahumans and humans with weaponry. This one is also for the kids, and is a great show for girls.

The Flash
As I watched Arrow I realised I kind of need to watch The Flash due to the crossover episodes. People probably know The Flash a lot better than Arrow. The first season follows Barry as he wakes up from a Coma after being hit by lightening and now is the fastest man on the planet. This is a lot more light hearted and funnier than Arrow, kid friendly.

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