REVIEW: Lush - Skin Drink Moisturiser

Lush is mostly known for their bath bombs, shower gels and their face washes. Their facial moisturisers are kind of ignored as some of them are quiet expensive.  I got this one as a birthday present last year and it actually rocks.
It is light beige in colour and when applied on the skin, is quiet oily but not in a bad way. I only use this product when my face is feeling really dry or rough as I feel if you use this everyday it would be too much oil for your face to handle.

When its hot weather the moisturiser becomes really runny (as shown in the image below), so I like to put it in the fridge and it makes it a lot thicker and less runny. It contains avocado oil and it really helps makes my skin hydrated. 


  • Very moisturising, suitable for dry or combo skin
  • Vegan
  • Don't need to use much product to moisturise whole face and neck 
  • Lasts a while (have had it for a year and not even close to finishing) 

  • Abit too much oil residue
  • Expensive for some considering the amount of product you get (45g) 

WOULD REPURCHASE? Yes. It really hydrates my skin and I don't rely on it every day for moisture. 

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