Finally I am back with a beauty related post after so long of just random, and somewhat lifestyle posts. I decided it was time to empty out the empties bag in my drawer and show you all what I am throwing out because I have either finished the product all up, or I didn't finish it for whatever reason (will be mentioned why of course). I really hope you enjoy these posts because I am already collecting products for #6.

Derma Sukin - Oil Balancing Wash
My go-to facial wash. I share this with my mum and I should probably start getting the bigger bottle but this wash makes my skin feel so clean, fresh and flexible.
Re-Purchase? Already done!

Soap & Glory - Righteous Butter
This moisturiser smelt really good (all Soap & Glory products do), and moisturised my legs somewhat OK, but I still felt my skin wasn't as hydrated as I would of liked.  
Re-Purchase? Nah 

Ecotools - Body Lotion
Got this body lotion when it was on clearance and is now no longer for sale from my knowledge. It got the job done, was not amazing and it smelt natural.
Re-Purchase? Nope

Sukin - Nourishing Lip Treatment
This lip treatment was moisturising but I felt it was a bit thick so I didn't really finish it cause I didn't enjoy it.
Re-Purchase? This is $8 for a little tube were as my Lush Ultrabalm is $10.50 and it is multi-purpose and moisturises my lips a lot better, so no.

Models Prefer - Big Lash Mascara 
I bought this mascara so long ago and has been sitting in my empties bag for a long time and I can't really remember how it was to be honest. I remember it did make my lashes very separated and long.
Re-Purchase? Probably not.  

Soap & Glory - Hand Food
This hand lotion smelt pretty nice and moisturised relatively well. 
Re-Purchase?  just got this as a part of my present from my best friend so I don't need to atm. 

Hello Kitty - Musk Body Spray
I purchased this spray after using the bubblegum one all of high school. It was less sweeter than bubblegum (it is musk), but at least this musk didn't smell deep and old-lady like.
Re-Purchase? It says AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING (girl don't start me) on the back but who knows if that is true. Until I find out I won't be re-purchasing. If anyone knows please comment below!

E.L.F - Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara 
I have been using this mascara for a while, hence why I am throwing it out. But this mascara is really nice at making my lashes longer and kind of natural looking, but also showing I have mascara on, you feel?
Re-Purchase? Definitely!

Norsca - Men's Instant Adrenaline Extreme 48HR Odour Defence 
I bought this to use when I am at the gym. It's refreshing, smells good and works at reducing sweat. Unfortunately I think it leaked in my gym bag as every time I picked it up it got lighter, and my bag stank of deodorant.
Re-Purchase? Yes, but if a new one leaks again I don't think I would re-purchase.

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