REVIEW: Le Tan - Hydrating Coconut Water Self Tanning Foam

I am not a regular, religious fake tanner. I do it from time to time, in the winter and in the summer when there's an event or just if I want to. The first and only tan I have ever used is the Bondi Sands Light to Medium Foam (which you can find a review I did right here). Bondi Sands retails for $19.99 and it is very affordable and great quality. I am almost out of it so I decided to try out this new range from Le Tan.

Le Tan is a famous tanning brand in Australia which probably every girl knows about or has even used it. I always had a kind of negative connotation to it for some reason and I assumed it was too orange (despite Lauren Curtis' super old fave tan video saying it was great). But when I saw this new tan they released, along with another two types of tan, I had to get in on it (cannot say no to that cute as packaging). 

Priceline and Woolworths have both had sales on their new ranges when they first came out so I went to Priceline and got this for $9.99 (gotta get them priceline points too). 

NOW: For the actual review. When I put it on the mitt it had a very similar colour to Bondi Sands, just a tad darker and a tint of green. Applying it on my skin was so smooth and easy to apply compare to Bondi Sands were sometimes I feel like I have to work it in. It dries within a few minutes and has no sticky feeling afterwards, and also I feel hydrated after applying. 

I left it on for 2 hours before washing it off in the shower and it gave me a nice tan. If you look at Bondi Sands you have to keep it on for hours (6+) to achieve a decent tan. 

Next Day with Tan
Next Day with Tan
  • Easy to Apply
  • Smells good as
  • Clean, sleek and functional packaging
  • 1 layer is light-medium
  • Dries Quick
  • Green Based
  • Develops quickly (can shower after 1 hour and continues to develop for 4-6 hours after) 
  • Available at multiple stores (Woolworths, Priceline, Kmart etc)
  • Only Available in Australia and New Zealand

WOULD REPURCHASE? Totally! It is so good at giving me nice tan, smells good, hydrating on the skin and its affordable as. For a medium dark tan I recommend leaving the tan on longer than 2 hours, maybe 6 or even overnight. If you want a dark, dark tan it is probably best to look into Le Tan or Bondi Sands ultra dark.

But I love the colour it achieved in a short time (2 hours) as it takes 8 hours to achieve this colour with Bondi. 

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