Colourpop Haul

Colour Pop had an amazing offer going on for a short period of time (maybe a week? correct me if I am wrong) and it was free international shipping over $50! I have always wanted to get Colourpop as they are so affordable and great quality but the shipping rates really deterred me. When I saw this offer I decided that I might not have this opportunity for god knows how long, so, I should just get some items I have been looking at.

I felt I would use lip products more than eye products so I bought 5 lips, 3 eyes, 1 highlighter & 1 brows.

As you can see from my lip product picks.. There's a pattern. No bright colours, they are muted, natural and purple & pink tones. I didn't want to get loud colours considering I have a few Australis Velourlips already that are bright and I don't wear them often due to the colour (and how they sit on the lips). My main point of me getting these is so I can wear them daily and they are comfortable, and easy to manage. 

With the eyeshadows on the other hand, I just picked some at random that I thought were pretty, and I can use to make dramatic looks. Hopefully I get some use out of these as I literally have no idea what looks I can do at the moment. [edit: i am a massive idiot and assumed the list on the Colourpop FAQ was the vegan-friendly products. NO, it was the exceptions. Beverly and Stereo aren't vegan. 12/16]

I wanted to try one face product from Colourpop and highlighter seemed the way to go. I saw a few swatches from different youtubers and bloggers and decided 'Lunch Money' was the best one for me. 

I am sorry that I didn't take pictures of the brow pencil! It is extremely thin, non-retractable and can easily be used to define eyebrows and with the handy spoolie, blending is super easy. The colour I got was 'bangin brunette' and it was a great match to how I wear my eyebrows. 

If anyone wants any reviews on products, please let me know in the comments below!

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