SUMMER: Sunless Tanning*

Summer is around the corner here in Australia, even if you live in Melbourne like me and you feel it will never get warm. Tanning is always a big part of Summer and getting that look whether it be at the beach or just to get into the summer spirit. With sun tanning is comes with some serious risks such as getting melanomas, speeding up the process of aging skin etc. It's pretty much a no brainer that sunless tanning is the way to go to get a bronzed look.
sent me a few products for me to try out and really get into Summer. 

These simple tanning products are a hassle-free way to get a glow without a feeling sticky after application or waiting around for it to dry.

St. Tropez is world renowned for supplying luxurious and good quality tanning products. This simple one use lotion, that you put on instantly and easily wash off once you're done. This tan lasts up to 24 hours. 

Eco Tan is well known, especially in the Cruelty-Free Community due to their products to be filled with natural ingredients and also, vegan! This lotion tan that applies like a normal, white coloured cream (invisible) then develops in 8 hours into a nice, honey golden toned tan! 

Bronze. is an amazing, Melbourne-based retailer that sells a wide variety of great quality brands in the tanning world for amazing prices.

*These products were given to me to create a post around, but this does not change my opinion what-so-ever* 

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