I haven't made an empties post in a little while and my bag is so full, it is long overdue. 

Norsca - Ice Active Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
This is a pretty good deodorant and does the job, but every time I put this in my gym bag it leaks and slowly, slowly I have no more deodorant left.
Re-Purchase? Yes, but I have to keep it up right.

E.L.F - HD Mattifying Cream Foundation Oil-Free
I bought this off iHerb a few years ago and I used it a few times then it just sat in my drawer for a while. It didn't really sit well on my skin or have a nice finish. It was pretty creamy but the mattifying quality obviously changed how it sat.
Re-Purchase? Nup.

Formula 10.0.6 - Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
I got this mask when my skin was really having a gross time a year or two ago. The texture of my skin was bad and it was dry/oily. I use this regularly and the orange and bergamot inside gives a nice fresh, tingly feeling on the skin and when washed off, it is creamy and refreshing.
Re-Purchase? Maybe, it doesn't do any obvious changes to my skin.

Chi Chi - Lip Glosses (from a gift pack)
I got these mini glosses in a gift pack that also had the nudes palette. They were pretty good and didn't make my lips all sticky but either way I am not really a gloss gal.
Re-Purchase? No

Lush - Dream Cream
I got this as a present and it was a great moisturiser! I unfortunately didn't use it quick enough and it expired so I used it as a cream for shaving and it did a great job. Moisturising and smooth.
Purchase? The bigger size is quite expensive, but if I don't find an affordable body moisturiser I will repurchase.

Essence - Glossy Lipbalm 
This was more of a novelty, its so cheap buy rather than something I actually need. I don't even like glossy finishes so I don't know why I got these. They smelt nice and somewhat moisturising.
Re-Purchase? No as Essence are not officially CF.

White Glo - Whitening Toothpaste
I feel this toothpaste really does help whiten teeth, but I will say it doesn't make my mouth feel really fresh.
Re-Purchase? Yes

Derma Sukin - Oil Balancing Wash
I have had this in mostly all of my empties posts so if you want to know how I feel about it, just look at any of these. 
Re-Purchase? At the moment I have quite dry skin so I might try out their cleanser for dry skin. But for the summer, definitely.

Swisse - Argan Facial Moisturiser
I purchased this just to try cause I needed a new moisturiser months ago. I felt it didn't really moisturise my skin or left my skin feeling great afterwards.
Re-Purchase? No

Herbal Clear - Natural Deodorant 
I bought this off iHerb a few years ago and used it for awhile. It smelt pretty good and dried nicely but it is best for people who don't have struggles with perspiration as it doesn't combat it at all.
Re-Purchase? Nope.

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