CRUELTY-FREE 101: Introduction (What is Cruelty-Free? Parent Companies)

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So, since my blog obeys the law of cruelty-free and everything I mention in my posts are as close to cruelty-free as possible I might as well make some posts on what cruelty-free is, right? 

What is Cruelty-Free?
Cruelty-Free is when companies that create products such as cosmetics (Beauty, Personal, Hair Products) or Household items (Cleaner etc) do not test their products (or ingredients included in the products) on animals. 

Buying products from companies that are not Cruelty-Free is actually supporting, and funding the company to continue hurting and killing animals.

Purchasing products from cruelty-free brands supports companies who believe animals deserve to be treated with respect and are against animal cruelty. 

Many popular companies you know today still test on animals due to their belief testing their products on animals is still needed to protect their consumers from bad reactions to products. 

But majority of the reason these days is because companies cannot sell their product into China without being tested on animals first. It is a legal law that all cosmetics have to be tested on animals to be sold in China. I know, it is really messed up. 

So how do you know what companies are testing and what ones are cruelty-free? 

Sometimes this gets a bit tricky. There are a variety of some-what reliable websites that list companies that do and don't test on animals such as:,, (Beauty Without Bunnies) just to name a few. These websites also have more in depth FAQs about animal testing. 

I personally follow But as I live in Australia, and Australian brands are not available everywhere (so LH can't investigate every brand in the world), I personally follow CCF, but also a bunch of Cruelty-Free and/or Vegan Facebook groups really help me. This is because other people do their own research, or just have more knowledge on brands. 

Now let's talk about Parent Companies. Parent companies are companies that own smaller companies. 
For example, L'Oreal own The Body Shop. The Body Shop still promote cruelty-free and claim to not test on animals, although L'Oreal test on animals. It's honestly your own choice whether to support The Body Shop because of their morals and promotion of being against animal testing. In my opinion, I do not support The Body Shop because by supporting them, you are supporting their parent company financially.