I am probably the worst blogger ever. I feel I apologise every time I make a post but this time I'm serious. I have been M.I.A lately and I am sorry! I haven't had an urge to make posts for a while now as you can probably tell but I am really trying to spark my interest again. I don't know what to post anymore because I don't buy much makeup, I don't know what I should post or what you all want. Please help me! If you would like me to write a post on anything, just let me know in the comments below. 

Australis - Nail Polish (I Lilac You)
Australis Nail Polish is super affordable and pretty decent for the price you pay. You may need to put on a few coats but it does the job and they have great colours. I had to throw out this one as it was expired and you could tell the consistency changed and it is hard to work with.
Re-Purchase? If I can't find this colour in a CF, vegan alternative, then yes.

E.L.F - Eye Enhancing Mascara
I bought this years ago and I've had it in storage forever so I didn't end up throwing it out until now. It gave my eyelashes a nice long look about them and for the price, it was pretty good.
Re-Purchase? Yeah if I need a spare mascara.

Chi Chi - Eyebrow Pencil
It was a pretty good pencil to just use when I wanted to put a bit of colour into my brows but it has beeswax in it, so that is why I stopped using it.
Re-Purchase? I am trying to steer clear of products with animal bi-products, so I won't be repurchasing.

Victoria's Secret - Face Flash Cream Highlighter
I got this from my sister when she went to the US yearrsss ago. You disperse the product by winding up the bottom of the product and it will come out from the top through the holes. I used it quite a few times but it is obviously expired now.
Re-Purchase? Not really. I don't know Victoria's Secret's animal testing policy so I will stay away.

Le Tan - Daily Face with SPF 30+
I didn't actually finish this product but stopped using it as it was expired. It was a great tinted sunscreen that I wore a thin layer everyday in year 11 (two years ago now, ah). I didn't really use it in 2015 as I just used a powder for coverage at school. I have a review on it which you can find here, which I do mention it does a good job of protecting skin from UV.
Re-Purchase? Yeah, I already have. But I will say that the colour is way too dark for me, so I might have to buy the Australis Match Maker drops to make it lighter.

Natio - Mineral Blusher in Pink Apples 
I received this in a gift pack for Christmas a few years ago. When I did use it for a year or two it gave a nice pink touch to my cheeks and looked pretty healthy on.
Re-Purchase? I'm not really a blush girl, so no.

Natio - Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunswept

I got this also with the mineral blusher. This gave my skin a nice bronzed look but I could not for the life of me hit pan. Even if I used this every day, I would need to be a bronzer freak in order to get anywhere near finishing this.
Re-Purchase? No, it is was too big!

Norsca - Forest Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 
I bought this sometime last year and it has treated me very well. It's affordable, easily accessible (available at Coles) and also smells pretty good.
Re-Purchase? Definitely.

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